Tips and Tricks To Maintain A Clean Spray Booth

A spray booth is an enclosed region that is used for painting various automobile parts. The main requirements of the spray booth are proper ventilation, and it should be performed under controlled pressure. One of the main issues of using the spray booth is appropriate cleaning and maintenance. For the proper functioning of the spray booth, filtering treatment is a significant factor.

Technician Using Spray Gun

Proper management of spray booth is essential for good performance. Paint booth should be cleaned daily, weekly, Bi-annually and annually to keep it well maintained. Here are a few tips that can help you keep a clean and tidy spray booth.

1. Keep the spray booth closed: The simplest way to maintain the spray booth dust free is to keep the spray booth door closed. When one is opening the spray booth for taking out the object, it should be ensured that the spray booth is on, thus ensuring that the contaminants will be caught by the filters.

2. Clean the spray booth surface area after every use: One can use vacuums and mops to clean the surface frequently. Pressure washing can be a good method to clean the floors and walls. One should ensure that the tools used to clean the spray booth are standardised and are regularly replaced to ensure proper cleaning.

3. Clean the paint gun frequently: Cleaning the paint gun and spray hose is crucial because oversprays are collected in this chamber. Moisture must be cleaned regularly because wet content can cause damage to various parts of the spray booth and hence the parts have to be replaced regularly.

4. Keep the paint booth fan well maintained: Paint booth fan can be worn out over time and to maintain it properly, the best quality fans should be used and the service is done at periodic intervals.

5. Protect the booth from overspray: Overspray will build up on the spray paint booth wall, lights and floor. To prevent this, one must provide a coating to the paint booth, and it helps to prevent the walls from getting over contaminated.

6. Proper maintenance of Air makeup kit: The air makeup kit replaces heated air and prevents negative pressure, and thus, proper care should be taken by regularly washing the filters.

7. Air washing: Air washing of various parts like fan blades, floor grates, and exhaust pits are essential for keeping the spray paint booth clean.

8. Limit the use of cleaning solvents: Solvents are combinations of hydrocarbon base. If the usage of solvents is limited, then one can restrict the deposition of solvents in the paint booth.

9. Change the robot cover weekly: Robot covers should be changed once in a week. A tacky coat is to be applied to the robot to keep it covered, and the used covers should be disposed of properly.

10. Proper communication between engineer booth managers and cleaners: By encouraging smooth communication between all types of users in the spray booth, the maintenance of the paint booth is a simple process.

Team of Engineers Communicating

In addition to the above practices mentioned, proper education regarding the appropriate usage of the paint booth and a complete study of the cleaning manual is very essential.