How to find efficient, competitive and trustworthy local movers

The stress associated with a move is known to most of us. Apart from the time consumed, it calls for plenty of organisation and some back-breaking work. A DIY job on your local move may sound financially attractive, but if you factor in all the heavy lifting and manual labour, you are better off hiring local moving professionals. This way, you will minimise the associated physical work, but there would still be some aspects requiring your personal attention. That brings us to the question of planning a significantly less painful local move. The following tips are designed to help you find an efficient, trustworthy and competitive local mover.

Determining the task involved

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This point is by far the top concern since that would impact how much you spend on the move and what part of the work will be handled by you. For instance, if you choose to do the unpacking installation yourself, that could save you a tidy sum. Similarly, you can also consider packing things yourself, hiring a truck and hire local movers only for the hauling. If you are only moving packages, that could cost you relatively lesser per mover. However, you would need to consider the cost of hiring a truck, paying fuel charges and add packing services, were involved.

Volume of material to be moved

The size of the truck and number of movers employed will be determined by the amount of material you need to move.

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Distance to be covered
Distance to be covered and the time to cover the distance (traffic snarls, narrow lanes) will impact your cost.
When you move
Summer is a popular time for moves, and that also means paying a higher cost. If you plan the move outside the period June-August, that could save you some money.

Finding competitive and reliable movers

There are several companies that provide a removalist service and a number of ways to ensure that you are dealing with a competitive and trusted local mover such as MetroMovers.  Seeking recommendations from past clients is among the best methods because that can potentially get you unbiased opinions on cost, quality and reliability. Another important aspect is getting multiple quotes and comparing them. Remember that the lowest quote may not always be the best for you.

Hidden charges

Always vet your quote thoroughly and use a magnifying glass to unearth the fine print. If you notice hidden charges, you are better off avoiding that particular service provider. All costs must be stated upfront so that there are no surprises when the job is completed.

Get a written contract

moving house contract

Having a signed written contract is always desirable even before the chosen removalist reports to start the work. Look particularly for an agreement that is non-binding. This action will ensure that the mover does not claim any additional charges even if the job consumer more than the expected duration. Moving costs can differ significantly from one removalist company to the other. If you find a quote little fuzzy, never hesitate to ask questions.

Planning ahead

The time available at your disposal to plan the move is another crucial factor. Most moves will give you four weeks or more, and it is important that you set aside quality time at weekends, planning the whole exercise. The best way is to start the exercise as soon as you know that move is inevitable. Since planning does not involve any physical activity, there is no harm if you ultimately decide against the move itself.  But, for some reason, if you have very limited time at your disposal, you are better off handing over the complete task to a local professional mover. Although this could cost you some extra dollars, a huge load will be taken off your mind, and you can focus on other essential work related to the move.

What to avoid

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Some people cannot resist the temptation to collect some boxes from a neighbourhood grocery store and trying to pack things into those boxes. But, they hardly understand that these boxes are designed for a different class of load and potentially fall apart or break when you try moving heavier items. This situation could lead to spending more than what you expected to save. Professional packing equipment has its gains, and you will save significant labour and money when you use them.

The Essentials

When you plan a move there is always a list of essentials, which you need till the very end of the exercise and as soon as you land at your new home. These could include your coffee machine, towels, toys for kids, toilet paper, toiletries and similar stuff.