How to find efficient, competitive and trustworthy local movers

The stress associated with a move is known to most of us. Apart from the time consumed, it calls for plenty of organisation and some back-breaking work. A DIY job on your local move may sound financially attractive, but if you factor in all the heavy lifting and manual labour, you are better off hiring local moving professionals. This way, you will minimise the associated physical work, but there would still be some aspects requiring your personal attention. That brings us to the question of planning a significantly less painful local move. The following tips are designed to help you find an efficient, trustworthy and competitive local mover.

Determining the task involved

determine costs of local move

This point is by far the top concern since that would impact how much you spend on the move and what part of the work will be handled by you. For instance, if you choose to do the unpacking installation yourself, that could save you a tidy sum. Similarly, you can also consider packing things yourself, hiring a truck and hire local movers only for the hauling. If you are only moving packages, that could cost you relatively lesser per mover. However, you would need to consider the cost of hiring a truck, paying fuel charges and add packing services, were involved.

Volume of material to be moved

The size of the truck and number of movers employed will be determined by the amount of material you need to move.

road with trees

Distance to be covered
Distance to be covered and the time to cover the distance (traffic snarls, narrow lanes) will impact your cost.
When you move
Summer is a popular time for moves, and that also means paying a higher cost. If you plan the move outside the period June-August, that could save you some money.

Finding competitive and reliable movers

There are several companies that provide a removalist service and a number of ways to ensure that you are dealing with a competitive and trusted local mover such as MetroMovers.  Seeking recommendations from past clients is among the best methods because that can potentially get you unbiased opinions on cost, quality and reliability. Another important aspect is getting multiple quotes and comparing them. Remember that the lowest quote may not always be the best for you.

Hidden charges

Always vet your quote thoroughly and use a magnifying glass to unearth the fine print. If you notice hidden charges, you are better off avoiding that particular service provider. All costs must be stated upfront so that there are no surprises when the job is completed.

Get a written contract

moving house contract

Having a signed written contract is always desirable even before the chosen removalist reports to start the work. Look particularly for an agreement that is non-binding. This action will ensure that the mover does not claim any additional charges even if the job consumer more than the expected duration. Moving costs can differ significantly from one removalist company to the other. If you find a quote little fuzzy, never hesitate to ask questions.

Planning ahead

The time available at your disposal to plan the move is another crucial factor. Most moves will give you four weeks or more, and it is important that you set aside quality time at weekends, planning the whole exercise. The best way is to start the exercise as soon as you know that move is inevitable. Since planning does not involve any physical activity, there is no harm if you ultimately decide against the move itself.  But, for some reason, if you have very limited time at your disposal, you are better off handing over the complete task to a local professional mover. Although this could cost you some extra dollars, a huge load will be taken off your mind, and you can focus on other essential work related to the move.

What to avoid

blue print for house

Some people cannot resist the temptation to collect some boxes from a neighbourhood grocery store and trying to pack things into those boxes. But, they hardly understand that these boxes are designed for a different class of load and potentially fall apart or break when you try moving heavier items. This situation could lead to spending more than what you expected to save. Professional packing equipment has its gains, and you will save significant labour and money when you use them.

The Essentials

When you plan a move there is always a list of essentials, which you need till the very end of the exercise and as soon as you land at your new home. These could include your coffee machine, towels, toys for kids, toilet paper, toiletries and similar stuff.




Tips and Tricks To Maintain A Clean Spray Booth

A spray booth is an enclosed region that is used for painting various automobile parts. The main requirements of the spray booth are proper ventilation, and it should be performed under controlled pressure. One of the main issues of using the spray booth is appropriate cleaning and maintenance. For the proper functioning of the spray booth, filtering treatment is a significant factor.

Technician Using Spray Gun

Proper management of spray booth is essential for good performance. Paint booth should be cleaned daily, weekly, Bi-annually and annually to keep it well maintained. Here are a few tips that can help you keep a clean and tidy spray booth.

1. Keep the spray booth closed: The simplest way to maintain the spray booth dust free is to keep the spray booth door closed. When one is opening the spray booth for taking out the object, it should be ensured that the spray booth is on, thus ensuring that the contaminants will be caught by the filters.

2. Clean the spray booth surface area after every use: One can use vacuums and mops to clean the surface frequently. Pressure washing can be a good method to clean the floors and walls. One should ensure that the tools used to clean the spray booth are standardised and are regularly replaced to ensure proper cleaning.

3. Clean the paint gun frequently: Cleaning the paint gun and spray hose is crucial because oversprays are collected in this chamber. Moisture must be cleaned regularly because wet content can cause damage to various parts of the spray booth and hence the parts have to be replaced regularly.

4. Keep the paint booth fan well maintained: Paint booth fan can be worn out over time and to maintain it properly, the best quality fans should be used and the service is done at periodic intervals.

5. Protect the booth from overspray: Overspray will build up on the spray paint booth wall, lights and floor. To prevent this, one must provide a coating to the paint booth, and it helps to prevent the walls from getting over contaminated.

6. Proper maintenance of Air makeup kit: The air makeup kit replaces heated air and prevents negative pressure, and thus, proper care should be taken by regularly washing the filters.

7. Air washing: Air washing of various parts like fan blades, floor grates, and exhaust pits are essential for keeping the spray paint booth clean.

8. Limit the use of cleaning solvents: Solvents are combinations of hydrocarbon base. If the usage of solvents is limited, then one can restrict the deposition of solvents in the paint booth.

9. Change the robot cover weekly: Robot covers should be changed once in a week. A tacky coat is to be applied to the robot to keep it covered, and the used covers should be disposed of properly.

10. Proper communication between engineer booth managers and cleaners: By encouraging smooth communication between all types of users in the spray booth, the maintenance of the paint booth is a simple process.

Team of Engineers Communicating

In addition to the above practices mentioned, proper education regarding the appropriate usage of the paint booth and a complete study of the cleaning manual is very essential.

Essential Pieces of Furniture when You First Move into Your New House

Moving into a new place is surely amazingly exciting, full of contentment, and happiness; but at the same time management of the stuff to set up in the new house is definitely hectic, and loaded with confusion. It is easy to think of moving big things such as fridge, couch, and TV, but there are numerous essential pieces of furniture for everyday use that you can almost forget.

Guideline to get Cheap yet High-Quality Stuff

  • First thing first, stop worrying, take a deep breath, relax and let your mind do the thinking first. First of all, make a list of all the essential stuff needed, for which following lists are an exceptional guide. Try to buy some second-hand stuff like TV or fridge, as it will definitely lower down your expenses to a greater extent. Or better yet, consider renting some furniture. For this, first, call on your family and friends, and ask if they have something spare (but of high quality) to sell.
  • In addition to that, do check out garage sales. These sales are extraordinary and can superbly save a handsome amount of your hard earned money. You can easily bargain things here. Bargaining will be easier if you buy a couple of things and not just one.
  • It’ll be more feasible to buy kitchen utensils such as crockery, cookware, or glassware from some charity stores.
  • Keep a keen eye on discount stores, and supermarkets, as the deals and discount offers of these places are not to be missed. You can buy packs of new stuff for your kitchen, like dinner set, Tupperware, cookware, and cutlery in an amazingly discounted rate. Such offers are particularly awesome if you have nothing to start off.

Essential Furniture for the Kitchen

Food cravings or intense hunger pangs will definitely be one of the most obvious things that you’ going to feel when you first step in your new place. You can certainly order something up right away, but to avoid running to the grocery store when you are trying to settle in, will definitely feel bizarre.

So before moving in, check out the following things of kitchen essentials, and make sure to tick mark each and everything to avoid any culinary catastrophe.

  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Water Purifier
  • Crockery
    • Bowls
    • Plates, etc.
  • Cutlery
    • Spoons and Forks
  • Kitchen Utensils including,
    • scissors
    • tongs
    • can opener
    • ladle
    • sharp knives
    • matchbox or Lighter
    • spatula
    • wooden spoons
    • grater
    • chopping board
    • vegetable peeler
    • measuring cups
    • bottle opener
  • Glasses and Mugs
  • Cookware- Following is the list of things that’ll be used during baking or stove cooking,
    • Oven Tray
    • Oven mitts
    • Non-stick Frying pans
    • Good- sized Saucepans
    • Skillet
    • Baking Dishes
  • Toaster
  • Kettle/ Coffee Maker (A definite for all coffee lovers)

Essential Furniture for the Bedroom

Bedroom With White Bed Comforter

Not only bed, but there are many other things to move in while setting your new bedroom.

  • Bed
  • A Full-Length Floor Mirror
  • Hangers
  • Hanging Shelves/ Closet
  • A Dresser
  • Wood armoire
  • Laundry hamper/ basket
  • Lamp/ nightstand

Essential Furniture for the Bathroom

Bathroom With White Bathtub

While keeping a checklist of all the big and noteworthy essential furniture, bathroom essentials can easily be misses, which will definitely disturb the routine if not at present at the time of need. So make sure you won’t overlook following items,

  • Shower Curtain, rings, liner
  • Plunger
  • Toilet Scrubber
  • Bathroom Mat

Essential Furniture for the Living Room

Furnished Living Room

Not counting in these items essentials, but yes, if you wish to decorate each and every corner of the house with all the necessary items according to that place, then embellishment of the living room is certainly a must to get some homey feeling out of your place. After all, you’ll be spending more of your time in the living room with your family.

  • Table Lamps or Floor Lamps
  • Small sized TV Cabinet
  • Coasters
  • Shelves or Cabinets to keep DVDs etc.
  • Couch

Other smaller yet Highly Important Things to Settle in the New Place

Well, the above-mentioned lists are enough to get you going at your new place with peace and contentment. But there are several other trifle things that are extremely important to keep a house look great and some are needed at the time of emergency. In the hassle of moving out and moving in, there is quite a possibility of forgetting these things, but surely keeping a list of the following things beforehand will help you a ton.

Cleaning Supplies to fill in your Closet beforehand:
All sort of cleaning goods including broom, bleach, laundry detergent, mop, dust pan, bucket, vacuum, paper towel, scrub brush, toilet brush and cleaner, paper towels, duster, rubber gloves, all purpose cleaner to clean wood and glass, and stove cleaner.

All sorts of Towels:
Different types of towels including kitchen towel, bathroom towel, hand towel, cleaning cloths, washcloths, etc.

Trash Cans and plastic bags:
Bins or trash cans for the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Ironing board and iron:
Depending upon your job requirements, ironing of the clothes is really important. For that check that you have one to be ready to go on the job right away, and inappropriate condition.

Having a toolbox full of essential tools is extremely important. Ensure that your toolset must have hammer, screwdrivers, flathead, different types of nails, hooks, screws, measuring tape, and duct tape

First Aid Box:
Not everything but make sure that you have all the essential stuff to use in case of an emergency such as antiseptics, thermometer, band-aids etc.

Flashlight along with spare batteries or Candles:
In the case of any power breakdown or power shortage, having some flashlights or a simple candle will definitely come handy.

In addition to that, add in a fire extinguisher and portable fans to your list too.

Why is It worth Spending on Garden Maintenance Services

Want your home to ooze of sophistication and class, then do some garden maintenance. Want to be the envy of your neighbours, then garden maintenance is the thing for you. Want elegance and a sight to behold always, then do some garden maintenance.
Okay, we all can do the maintenance on our own. After all, how difficult can trimming and lawn mowing be? Personally, I dread the outcome. Ridges for lawn and an ogre for a hedge would be the most likely outcome. Furthermore, it will only end up taking up my time which I could use for better more productive activities.
Professionals as an added advantage bring more services and skills to the table. Take for example top soil delivery and laying; where do you begin with this? Where do you source the top soil, logistics, and equipment to spread the ground? Hope that opens up your mind to the advantages of hiring professionals.
Let’s delve deeper into this.

1. Experienced.

Gardening requires skill, an eye for details and loads of patience. This is a skill set that gardeners have managed to perfect and master over time. It’s their craft. Sorry to say, it is also a skill set that most don’t have and would take a while to master.
If I were to handle my gardening, I would only manage a handful of tasks. Lawn mowing, hedge trimming and shaping, and probably that would be it. However, this is not the case with most professionals.
Most gardening services offer an array of services. This is as a result of their vast experience.
The services will range from mowing and hedge trimming the very basic ones to trimming (using a trimmer) to tree surgery. Beyond that, they also do gutter cleaning which is a risky affair factoring in the heights involved. Patio cleaning and jet washing are also in their quotations.

2. Gardening is cumbersome

Gardening is handwork and hard work. If you are one of those guys who want rough hands, then this is the work for you. But since most people seek to avoid hand and hard work, then hire gardeners. You will enjoy all the beauty and serenity that great gardens have to offer.

3. Better equipped

We might pride ourselves in how experienced we are at gardening, but the tools we own are just a handful of what gardeners have.
From digging tools such as shovels spades and forks, cutting tools such as secateurs, shears, and prunes all the way to planting tools such as dibbers and bulb planters. These are all tools at the disposal of gardening service providers like Maintain Me, making them the right fit for your garden.
More of these tools are propagating tools such as cloches and cold frames, cultivating tools such as rakes and hoes, irrigation tools such as sprinklers and watering cans just to mention a few.

However, there are some things to take into consideration before hiring a professional.

1. Thorough research

Gardening to most seems like a trivial or an easy endeavour. But that is not the case. It is one that demands attention to details and a high skill level.
As a homeowner, you might be driven to hire a low-cost gardener so as to save you some money. As wise as that may sound, it might not be the best or most advisable approach. Cheap does not equal quality, and neither does expensive.
Therefore, to ensure quality, do extensive and thorough research into the number of gardeners you have in your vicinity. Hire a gardener with excellent reviews and a high rating. Seek some references and call them up. If his customer satisfaction rate is high, then hire him, if not, go for the next gardener.
Look at company qualification and get quotations for proper budgeting.

2. Hire someone you like

When deciding on who to hire, nothing beats the classic interviews. You get to measure the mettle of the individual and also acquaints you and to your potential gardener.
A walk around your yard explaining what you are targeting is a great way of measuring if they are the right fit for you. Ask for their opinion on how to best improve your space. If their ideas are in line with yours and they seem taken by your vision for your garden, then that is the guy for you.
Developing trust and cultivating a relationship is also an added advantage of interviewing. After all, it might a long term project, and you need someone you trust.

3. Contract

So, you already have a liking for some gardener. Well now is the time to formulate a contract so that the both of you are held accountable.
A contract ensures that your gardener does not short change you and also gives him a sense of security. This way he can give his best into developing your garden. Also with a contract, you know what is expected of you. In monetary terms that are.

4. Be involved

It’s your garden, right? Well, be involved in its beautification. This way you can give clear instructions as to what you need to be done. Your gardener is not a mind reader now, is he? Furthermore, it will be an enjoyable process.

A tip. Gardens increase the market value of your house. Therefore, strive to have the best of lawns.
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Water is an essential and most fundamental component for human survival, and when you see scarce water availability in different regions of the world, it certainly arises a sense of responsibility inside of you, to save water as much as possible. Moreover, less water consumption certainly reduces yearly billing and help to save money. There was a lot of buzz about rainwater tanks, their usability and reduction in percentage usage of domestic water. So I researched a bit about them, why not use free rain water, pouring down on the roof, rather than paying hundreds of dollars yearly on domestic water. It seems more economical, profitable, and cost-effective.

Rainwater tanks have been used in rural and remote areas to supply water, thus to accomplish water needs. With the progression of time, slimline water tanks are used in urban areas and then in the household. Slimline rainwater tanks not only help to fulfil this responsibility, plus they proved to be an easy and accessible source to reduce water bills and other expenditures. Not only that, slimline steel tank is guaranteed against rust and corrosion and helps to shrink your share on the environmental resources by reducing your main water consumption. So, it sounded pretty good both in general terms and on personal grounds, in the long run.

slimline water tanks

After reading the possible benefits of rainwater tanks, I decided to install one in my house. As a user of the rainwater tank, I can advise that you should know that where you’ll be using the collected rainwater, and water consumption ways before getting it installed. It is important because if you wish to use water outdoors, like watering the plants, car washing, and laundry, then you only have to get the tank installed by the supplier. Other than that, if you wish to use the rain water in your toilet, and in an automatic machine, then you need an high-efficient licensed plumber who will connect your tanks with main water supply through pipes.

Physical characteristics of the water tank is another vital thing that came across while I was choosing the water tanks. As there are various sizes, shapes, and materials are available in the market to choose from, so I shop the one which was in accordance with my household requirements and where I had to put it. I bought a round shaped tank and kept it under the deck. A wide range of sizes is available, whatever you feel appropriate according to the size of your place. I preferred a smaller tank with 1180 litre water capacity (perfect for my household use), as the area of my place is not very large. As far as the material of the water tank is concerned, tanks are mainly available in metal, polyethene, fibreglass and concrete, you chose that depending on the region where you live (average rainfall, and your roof size).

Installation of rainwater tank has reduced my yearly billing to a greater percentage and now I’m able to save approximately $600 per year. Use of rainwater tank has proved very advantageous for me because of its plenty of uses and cost effective characteristics. Well yes, its installation cost a little, but since then I’m saving a lot of money on my monthly water bills and my initial instalment set off within months.
I bought my rainwater tank for approximately $900, and with the delivery and installation charges, it costs me more or less $1100. It was a bit costly for me to spend that much money on this, but after using it for more than two years, I feel content and can surely say that it certainly has reduced my yearly water expenditures to a greater level. With the availability of stored water, I use main supply water less often. In addition to that, there are no maintenance issues, as far as the cost is concerned. I’ve spent $1000 and saved a lot after that. It cost a little bit more in the beginning if you attach tank’s water supply with your toilet system. But it depends on your choice. In my opinion, it doesn’t hurt to spend a penny more, if it’s going to save you a dollar. In a nutshell, rainwater tank instalment is a one-time investment that will pay you lifelong.


Rainwater tank came with a lot of perks for me, such as not only I pay less on my water bills, but the value of my house has also raised in the property market to a greater extent. Since, the day of its installation, I’ve abundant water supply in my house, and now I don’t rely on the main water supply only. As I’ve said earlier, I had to pay a considerable amount of money on water bills before. But now I do most of my home chores with stored water, and scarcely use the primary water supply. Talking about the advantages of storing rain water in the tanks, I can name following as some of the benefits that I’m enjoying it. I use rain water for,

  • watering my garden
  • laundry usage
  • washing my car
  • toilet flushing system
  • storage of water in case of any bushfire
  • water availability on swimming pool

Well, not only these, as these are some of the uses that I’m availing right now. Other than that, I used the stored rainwater as a thermal buffer for insulation, ventilation of buildings, and drinkable water with proper purification.

I love gardening and take care my plants very much. It’s my daily routine to water them every morning till they look fresh. Now after the availability of stored water, I water my plants free handily, without any worry of expenses, or wastage of water. As now the use of water seems free, both economically and morally. I feel that use of rainwater tank is eco-friendly, as you are taking a step forward by not using the supplied water and letting it used by others.

I would recommend the use of rainwater tank to everyone. It is a single time expense with long time benefits.